Be the first to enter the Amphipolis tomb and see what archaelogists see using the 3D tour that! made for you!

You can move the researcher into the burial monument by using the arrows found on your computer keyboard. (For more information about the control buttons click here)

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It has been designed by and it is based on the official dimensions, announced by the Ministry of Culture.

The photos used have been collected from the ministry’s press releases concerning the Amphipolis tomb over the past few months.

This 3D representation, provided in the form of a game, will be updated every time there is a formal announcement by the Ministry of Culture, concerning the burial monument.

Enjoy the 3D online tour!


Amphipoli 3d map - Αμφίπολη 3D τρισδιαστατη αναπαράσταση κουμπιά κίνησης - τάφος αμφίπολης
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