A Grave and Human Remains have been Found in Amphipolis!!


The press conference of the Ministry of Culture earlier today (12.11) gave us some surprise news. The excavating team have uncovered a large grave, made of limestones. It has been found at a depth of 1.60 meters under the limestones that formed the (diaphragmatic) floor of the third chamber. This grave, which has a length of 3.23 meters and a width of 1.56 meters, contained the coffin with the remains of the dead, placed in a hole with dimensions of 0.54 meters in width and 2.35 meters in length. The coffin was made of wood and the excavators have found iron and bronze nails and some decorative elements, made of glass and bone. The initial height of the grave can only be estimated (they believe it was about 1.80 meters high), as the top of it is not in its initial state. Today, it has a height of 1 meter. The remains of the deceased were found both in and out of the grave. The skeleton is an extremely important finding and it will be subject to thorough examination by experts.

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